Pavement Solutions

WACO is the leading surfacing SME contractor specializing in solutions for major highways and airfield surfacing to business parks, car parks, sports surfaces and private driveways. Pavement Solutions incorporates surface repair maintenance, and construction. We provide work coverage through out East Africa and are experienced in all aspects of asphalt and concrete blocks pavement construction and maintenance and safety sector of thermoplastic paints. Our Objective is to help you maximize the life of your pavement while minimizing your overall cost. As a single-source surface contractor, we manage your project with minimal disruption and complete it in a shorter period of time. For multiple property owners and managers, our goal is to minimize your time and on-site travel expenditure and maximize your return. Eliminate the guesswork and make a clear concise assessment from your desk

Slurry Seal Technology

WACO LTD offers superior road performance and protection with its slurry seal surfacing applications. Slurry Seal is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, well graded fine aggregates, mineral filler (or other additives) and water. It is used to renew pavement surfaces and retard moisture/air intrusion into underlying pavement. Slurry seal is applied from 6mm to 10mm thick and will fill minor cracks, restore a uniform texture and restore friction loss.These is a highly effective maintenance and preservation technology that provide good skid resistant and durable road surface as a fair cost in that with the rising cost and scarcity of road construction materials materials not to mentions limited funding and resources to rehabilitate roads, Slurry Seal cover more surface area at lesser cost of input and yet providing the best surface quality and value.

ColdMix Asphalt Technology

Bituminous road construction using conventional paving grade bitumen (HMA) is technically not feasible and logistically not viable in areas characterised by high rainfall, this wet seasons render the effect of erractic production and laying which can be expensive. Similarly, areas of high altitude with very low pavement temperatures make laying of hot mixes rather a challange for and effective delivery of a sound pavement.The use of Bitumen emulsion eliminates the need to heat bituminous binder and aggregates; coats damp aggregates, prevents degradation of environment and thus conserves energy.WACO experience in emulsions has adopted cold mix technologies for different specifications such as Bituminous Macadam (BM), Mix Seal Surfacing (MSS), Double Coat Surface Dressing (DCSD) and Premix Asphalt in accordance with specifications for Low Volumen Technology in Kenya. WACO Technical Team has wide experience on the construction of roads using emulsion based cold mix technologies. These cold mixes can be produced either by using concrete mixer, cold asphalt mix plant or in hot mix plant without use of the heating facility. The paver and other construction machineries, as in normally employed for hot mixes, can be used for execution of these works.

Cape Seal Technology

A cape seal is an application of a chip seal followed by the application of slurry seal at a later date. The chip seal serves to seal and bond the cracks in the existing pavement. The slurry seal serves to improve the chip retention and smoothness of the driving surface. Cape seals are typically applied on an intermittent, project-specific basis. Location, weather, traffic loading, and pavement conditions are factors used to determine if a cape seal application is appropriate. Roadways selected for cape seal treatments are commonly those which have moderate distress, limited or no rutting, moderate crack widths, and in which a cape seal treatment would help extend the pavement life until rehabilitation or reconstruction can be performed. Typically cape seals are applied in residential streets where a chip seal would create a rougher surface

Road Marking & Signage Solutions

WACO Road furniture encompasses all roadside objects used for safety and control of traffic in addition to those for assisting the driver. WACO Road furniture provides drivers with the necessary warnings, rules, distance and directional information in order to travel roads and thoroughfares safely.WACO aims to provide a high quality and cost effective service to our clients in East Africa, ranging from road authorities, contractors and private companies. Our professional Road Marking team has a wealth of experience and focus driven to meet the best or our client's needs. All road marking products are of the best quality, durability highly cost efficient. We offer a wide range of services in this field in lining and road marking contractual service.

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